Mosquito Net for Baby

Our mosquito net is especially designed for babies. It is a very safe and gentle product as it not only keeps your baby off from mosquitoes, it also gives necessary airflow inside

It is very important to keep mosquitoes off from babies as it can cause infections and disease.

Our baby canopy mosquito net is a very user friendly product.

It can be easily opened and and installed. It has a double zipper on either sides.

It is made up of high quality and soft Terelyne material. Hence good air flow is ensured.

It comes with a size of 3.5ft length and 2.5 breadth.

It can be easily folding and kept in bag when not in use.

It comes with a carry bag and can be easily carried during travel.

Weight of the product is less than a 1. Kg.

Mosquito Net can also be used as a play tent.

Visibility inside the net is 90%, So you can monitor baby’s activities always.

Price – Rs 1650
Color – Pink and Blue with attractive design